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How to Increase Your Home’s Value in a Flash

Jason Watts – 08Feb17

How does an extra 1-4% in value sound to you?

By replacing your garage door, this is possible, per a nationwide study by Stratamark Research.  Many people think that the garage door is considered part of the background of a home, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Differentiating your home’s front façade from the rest of the neighborhood can make all the difference in the world in a tough housing market, & it is guaranteed to give the Jones’ something to talk about!  71% of homeowners surveyed believed that their door replacement increased their home’s value.  Nationwide real estate agents were shown “before” and “after” photos of houses upgraded with new, stylish garage doors.  The list price of the home was increased as much as 4 percent.  That means a $1800+ investment in a new garage door could raise the sale value of your home by as much as $6,000 if you’re selling a $150,000 home!  Typical installation time can run from 2-5 hours, professionally installed.

There are many factors taken into consideration as far as materials, sizes, styles, finishes, & if needed – wind or insulation ratings.  A relatively small percentage of Americans use their garages to park their vehicles, so if you are using it as an extra bedroom, an insulated door may be the right fit.  Due to a surge in innovation, there are many options available today that weren’t 10 yrs ago.  Prices start around $500, and can reach several thousand dollars.

We do not recommend that you install the door yourself, as it may not be installed within code compliance, may be unsafe, or void the manufacturer’s warranty.  No worries!  That’s what your local professionals are for.  Feel free to come and see some of our literature and material samples, or call to schedule an estimate.

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