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Enhance Your Lifestyle!

When making an outdoor living space decision, you want to make sure you are receiving all the conveniences you desire in one product.  A TCI Motorized Screen will provide you with a modern & sophisticated home décor, while turning your patio into a center piece of the home. In a matter of seconds, you and the family will be able to enjoy a relaxing evening doing the finer things in life from the comfort of your own home.

New Image 5_0Built Around Your Needs!

No matter what your needs are, when you purchase an TCI Motorized Screen, you have the piece of mind knowing we have the necessary components to satisfy them. Our system allows you the homeowner to completely customize each individual unit based on your LIFESTYLE. From electronics to fabric density and color to the frame color to remote controls, you will have the ability to adapt each screen to fit your home.

Expanded Outdoor Living Space!

It’s no secret all of us wish to utilize our outdoor living space more often and effectively. By choosing a motorized exterior screen, your making a lifestyle decision. Our TCI Motorized Screen will immediately increase the size of your family’s living space while keeping the bugs out during the warmer months, allowing the breeze through during the cooler ones, as well as block harmful UV Rays. With the click of a button you can now move your dinner outside with a breezy bug-free environment.


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