Overhead Garage Doors by Doorways, Inc.

Still Conveniently Located at 13052 Dedeaux Rd in Gulfport MS!

Serving Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, and Stone Counties

We do free estimates for all installations and replacements. 

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We Have What It Takes to Bring Great Service to Your Door.

  • A Variety of Parts and Supplies in Stock – To make sure your door is repaired as soon as possible our technicians carry a large inventory of parts and accessories for many brands of doors and openers.
  • Trained Technicians – Without proper training, it would not be possible for a doctor to make a diagnosis and prescribe a remedy. With our trained technicians you receive the right repair, done efficiently, in the shortest time.
  • Support Staff – It takes a diverse combination of people to support a top quality service business. Accountants, mechanics, customer service representatives, carpenters, legal counsel, dispatchers, marketing, instructors, etc.
  • Product Showroom – Staffing our showroom with knowledgeable personnel and actual working doors and openers insures that when you need a new door you can see the product in action, the color, texture and quality of the door before you make a decision.
  • Special Tools – The right tool for the right job insures a proper repair that will keep your door secure and operating safely.
  • Insurance – Liability insurance for our employees and customers, casualty insurance for our facilities, workers compensation, auto insurance for our service vehicles.